Thursday, December 2, 2010

Shoe Styles of Ancient Greece: Karbatine (carbatine, carbatina, or carbatinae)

According to Turner Wilcox (2008) a common shoe was the karbatine . Like a moccasin this was made from one piece of rawhide with holes punched along the edge. Lacing thongs were pulled through holes cut in the rawhide drawing the uppers together and tying around the ankle. Later these acquired a sole (Rossi, 2000) and some were hobnailed. Carbatines were peasant’s shoes often worn by shepherds. Similar footwear was worn by the Teutons and up until the 16th century German peasants also wore karabtines. This simple footwear can still be seen in the traditional footwear of Romanian and Slovak countries. In France the term carbatine refers to undressed hides.

Rossi W The complete footwear dictionary (2nd Ed) 2000 Kreiger Publishing Co: Florida.
Turner Wilcox R 2008 The mode in footwear Dover Publications Inc NY.

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