Friday, February 11, 2011

Tutankhamun’s Footwear Studies of Ancient Egyptian Footwear

Among the objects found in Tutankhamun’s tomb was a large collection of shoes and sandals. These are now housed in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo and the Luxor Museum. In a new book by André J.Veldmeijer et al., entitled Tutankhamun’s Footwear Studies of Ancient Egyptian Footwear the 3,300-year-old footwear footwear is analyzed in detail. Several specialists contributed to the volume discussing the different materials (gold, vegetable fibre, birch bark, glass and faience, leather, gemstones) that were used in the footwear. The footwear from the tomb of Yuya and Tjuiu, Tutankhamun’s great-grandparents, is also analysed for comparison.It appears King Tutankhamun had a <a href=" disease II </a>. It also appears he had club foot (<a href=" equino varus</a>) on his left foot. On the second toe of the right foot he had no middle bone, making the toe shorter. The combination of the deformities necessitated he wore modified shoes. Over 80 pieces of footwear of different sizes were buried with the boy king. Some had deteriorated, with only fragments or isolated straps remaining but others survived in decent condition. 81 specimens were studied in detail. Many sandals demonstrate the print of King Tut's foot on the sole. Two pairs of open shoes had the middle part of the sole stuffed for extra comfort. Three pairs had horizontal straps just below the toes; one pair also had semi-circular panels at the shoe's sides. These features are not known in any other footwear, sandal or shoe and the authors believe these additions may have been used to compensate for the foot deformities.

André J.Veldmeijer ,Alan J. Clapham, Erno Endenburg, Aude Gräzer, Fredrik Hagen, James A. Harrell, Mikko H. Kriek, Paul T. Nicholson, Jack M. Ogden, Gillian Vogelsang-Eastwood 2011 Tutankhamun’s Footwear Studies of Ancient Egyptian Footwear Heritage Key.


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